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The core competence of Nanopool GmbH is the production of ultra-thin layers, which are suit-able for the functionalisation of nearly all surfaces.

The company already received several international awards for its product development. Nanopool has developed liquid glass, that gives resistant hospital germs hardly a chance and for this Nanopool received the award for the first National Winner in the category science 2012.

Nanopool is aware of its responsibility and invests continually in the quality and safety of their products, whose efficacy and harmlessness are confimed by numerous international and clinical studies.

The NP® product specifications are successfully established nationally as well as internationally in different market niches.

The NP® products meet more than 40 DIN EN ISO standards and are among others classified as skin and mucosa membrane-friendly, food safe, and as a fully biocompatible.

The NP® Liquid Glass technology is known in more than 150 countries through specialist journals and TV reports.

In the field of protection of resources and environment NP® Nanopool is active in the German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M eV.) for years and received several interna-tional innovation and environmental awards.

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