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Virtuelle Ausstellung Initiative

Marketing4Hightech / Heinz-Peter HIPPLER

International Business Development & Education
for high-tech oriented entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and sattled companies

  • Business Development means:
    Strategically marketing, product-SWOT, systematic, ROI-calculation, to-do-framing and mile-stone setting, practice and coaching
  • Business Education means:
    Communication with potentials, finfing best customer, what customer gets out of it, representation, workshop for sales staff and best-practice-thinking, in-house courses.

If you want to place your products and processes to local and global markets then go for strategically marketing and systematically education.

  • Marketing is a global process for sustainable added value.

I am supporting you with market knowledge, international contacts, sales performance training, creating distribution channels, survey satisfaction of customers and in-house resources.

Details and more about International Business Development & Education.