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Virtuelle Ausstellung Initiative

Analytical Tribology Network

Logo of Analytical Tribology Network

Initiative for a competence network related to the field of Analytical Tribology at interfaces and surfaces of tribological systems. Central purpose of the network structure is the promotion of innovative technologies for tribological systems and system components: (i) through development and expansion of scientific and technical expertise as well as (ii) through implementation of an interdisciplinary competence network for research and development of advanced materials, materials, structures and processes for the production of marketable tribological systems and system components. Creation, preservation, and advancement of innovative industrial production technologies, materials, and interdisciplinary system solutions for tribological systems and system components with innovative material-scientific approaches are superordinated aims of the network structure, in the regions defined by the network members and their partners. The analytical characterization: (i) of materials and structures of tribological systems, (ii) of their change and associated tribological mechanisms/processes during the system operation as well as (iii) the characterization of the available correlations to the system properties and their development, generate the main instruments for the scientific-technical realization of the purposes and aims of the network.