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nanoSaar AG

Logo of nanoSaar AG

nanoSaar AG, based in Starnberg Germany, specializes in the development of innovative nano-/microparticles, emulsions and encapsulations for the food, cosmetics, flavors & fragrances and chemical industries. Based on our proprietary MJR technology we develop highly attractive products with our customers, allowing for easy unlimited industrial up scale and patent protection (up to 20 years with a formulation patent). We also offer in-house production services with proprietary products. Our first own products are encapsulated Vitamin D, Fragrances, Rucinol, Resveratrol, Lycopene, Omega-3 as well as Biocide Copper and Barium-Sulfate nanoparticles. The team members of nanoSaar AG are industry experts with several decades of business experience.

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