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Serendip GmbH

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Serend-ip offers nanotopographic cell assays (nAnostic™)

A novel approach to cellular phenotyping uses nanoscale information as obtained by atomic force microscopy (AFM). Called the nAnostic™ method(nanoscale topography diagnostic), it touches or "feels" the cell texture at nanometer resolution without any labels. Ultra-small traces at the cell surface are tell-tale signs of specific cell behaviors. Exact quantification with computer vision makes possible to design pharmacological assays.

nAnostic™ can be performed on any adherent cell including primary isolates or tumor cells. Whole cells are taken as biosensors to assess the efficacy or side effects of drug candidates (or nanoparticles) via quantitation of cellular stress. Due to the ultra-resolution, nAnostic has proven more sensitive than other label-free phenotyping, e. g. optical or electrical readouts.

Sample preparation is extremely simple: no further processing but fixation is needed. This assures highly robust results. Since the samples are kept in fluid, a close match with the physiological situation is achieved for maximum relevance to medical issues.

Recent advances include toxicity of nanoparticles to gut cells, inflammatory activation of endo-thelial cells and assessment of skin status in human systems.

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