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rent a scientist GmbH

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rent a scientist is a R&D service company which enables its customers to create new product functionalization based on innovative (nano) materials. Since 1995 rent a scientist has built up a leading know-how position in the field of silver nanomaterials. The precious metal silver shows two outstanding properties. Firstly it has unique antimicrobial properties and secondly it is the material with the best electronic conductivity. By the synthesis of silver nanoparticles it is possible to use these properties with a much higher effectiveness and as a consequence with a minimal consumption of material resources. For both fields (antimicrobial and electronic) ras has developed high end patented nano materials which set wolrdwide standards. Antimicrobial surfaces and substrates will be obtained with the spherical nanoparticles, AgPURE(TM) that can be incorporated in polymer master batches, coatings and a lot of other matrices (glass, wood, paper,..). These materials then can be used to create antimicrobial medical devices such as bone cements or wound pads. Further it can be used to create fibers to produce sustainable, antimicrobial high quality textiles with an antimicrobial agent that can not be washed out. AgPURE inside the fiber guarentes that the silver remains in the textile and not in the washing machine.

Years of experience in the silver analysis, the appropriate utensil and a special microbiology laboratory make rent a scientist to the partner of choice for research institutions as well as for industrial companies. AgPURE(TM) therefore is official standard reference material in the worldwide OECD Sponsorship Program for the testing of manufactured nanomaterials and numerous other R&D-projects. Learn more about one of the best examined nanosilver materials and how to use it in your product and contact rent a scientist. The silver nanowire technology ECOS(TM), developed by rent a scientist for electronic applica-tions represents another forward-looking material technology. ECOS and the associated coating formulations for manufacturing high transparent conductive surfaces have best chances to replace ITO as current industrial standard. The silver nanowire technology can be used in a lot of other exciting electrical applications to create flexible and invisible electrodes. With the silver nanowire technology rent a scientist stands at the beginning of a huge, material technology trend which leads to more effective elekronic applications (solarcells, OLED's,..) and less raw material consumption. With respect to ECOS(TM) ras already cooperates with leading electronic and chemistry companies. Nevertheless ras is open for further cooperations - prefered with medium sized companies.
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