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Particular GmbH

Logo of Particular GmbH

Particular® produces nanoparticle dispersions (colloids) by physical laser ablation in liquids, which avoids chemical residues. We stand for high purity and surface activity and offer the larg-est variety of nano-metals and other materials, dispersed in water as well as organic solvents. Examples are nanoparticles from silver, gold, platinum or palladium in water, acetone or ethylene glycol - and even pure metallic copper or titanium in various solvents.

Gold conjugates:
Particular introduces the world's first laser-generated gold conjugates as universal functional components for biotechnology. Our specialty is the efficient binding of pure gold nanoparticles to molecules: we bind ligand-free gold particles to oligonucleotides, proteins or antibodies to make them visible in the petri dish, in tissue, or in organs. As opposed to fluorophores, gold can be seen with good contrast both by light and electron microscopy.

Our nanoparticles can be embedded into pastes, laquers or polymers homogeneously by direct production in a compatible liquid component. Polymers with our nanoparticles have shown to be applicable to die casting and keep their homogeneous particle distribution. The release of metal ions can provide anti-bacterial effects for years, as opposed to conventional coating techniques.

Please get informed about our unique laser technology that allows us to produce pure, active na-noparticles, and contact us with any questions. We are a young company and are looking forward to working with you.

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