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EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH

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EXAKT - Defined dispersion for defined characteristics of nano materials

The quality of a dispersion determines the quality of the final product. Nano particles tend to agglomerate, but only when homogeneously separated in a liquid phase will they develop their specific characteristics. Also the degree of separation defines the function of the final product. This requires precise processing and control.

EXAKT designs and produces Precision Three Roll Mills to govern the specific functional properties of smart nano materials.

To be used for example in Printed Electronics, for inks and coatings, adhesives or nano composites using particles like Precious Metals,CNTs, Nano Clay, TiO2 or SiO2, EXAKT Precision Three Roll Mills are particularly well suited for:

  • conductive/resistive pastes
  • thermal compounds
  • polymer paste for contact elements in keyboards, switches, shields, resistors, etc.
  • getter pastes
  • luminescent pastes for LED
  • nanofiller
  • and more

EXAKT is engaged in various application projects like InnoCNT or OE-A, to provide sustained practical feasibility for present and future needs, combined with technical expertise and dedi-cation in engineering and the production of precision processing equipment made in Germany.

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