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Nanosystems Initiative Munich

Logo of Nanosystems Initiative Munich

The Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) is a cluster of excellence, which was successful in the nationwide competition of the German Excellence Initiative. It brings together scientists from various research facilities in the Munich area in the fields of physics, biophysics, physical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, biology, electronics, and medicine.

The main target of the research effort in NIM is the creation and development of nanosystems for information processing and medical applications. While many individual nanoscale building
blocks and components have been devised in recent years using top-down and bottom-up strategies, little is known about their integration into entire functional systems. The overarching vision of this cluster will therefore be to design, fabricate, and achieve control of a broad range of artificial and multi-functional nanoscale systems, and to unlock their potential for possible applications in fields as diverse as future information technologies, the life sciences, or combinations of both.

Research areas dominated by quantum effects include single-electron and single-spin behavior at the lowest temperatures, nanophotonic experiments, and the investigation of strategies for quantum computation. These are complemented by research areas that address the exploration of extremely sensitive nano sensors and actuators, singlemolecule machines, nanoscale objects and vehicles in living cells, as well as drug delivery nanosystems. Sophisticated experimental studies
and technological developments are complemented by theoretical investigations of complex nanosystems in order to create a broad and deep knowledge base, and to establish an exciting research environment that links traditionally separate disciplines.

A major structural goal of the NIM cluster is to firmly establish itself as the most attractive nanoscience research site in Germany for young scientists who have excelled in their work at an international level. To this end, special emphasis is placed on ensuring the early independence of outstanding junior scientists, offering them internationally competitive start-up packages and tenure-track professorships that will give them a long-term career perspective and allow for continuity of research. Equal opportunity funds are available to support female researchers in achieving their individual work-life balance.

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