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PlasmaChem GmbH

Logo of PlasmaChem GmbH

PlasmaChem was founded in Mainz (Germany) in 1993 moving its headquarters in 2005 to the most modern German science- and business-park Adlershof hosting over 900 high-tech compa-nies in Berlin.

The main business of PlasmaChem concerns nanomaterials, detonation-, vacuum and thin film technologies as well as their biomedical and technical applications.

The main technologies of the company are centred on the development of processes induced by low-temperature plasma, on the self-organized films and techniques of nanomaterials production and modification. PlasmaChem was a coordinator and participant in multiple national, interna-tional and industry-oriented projects.

PlasmaChem GmbH has developed a novel groundbreaking method (NanoLuminograph/y) for the analysis of surfaces, which will provide new possibilities for research, industrial and security applications. The phase of R&D, patenting and construction of the first NanoLuminographs is almost finalized.

As a spin-off from PlasmaChem's technology, the novel long-wear contact lenses on the base of silicone were developed. On the base of this development, a new company LensWista was founded in 2004 as a joint venture with Bayer AG in Leverkusen. Lenswista has moved its head-quarters and production facilities to Berlin-Adlershof as well.

In 1998 PlasmaChem has started the development and production of medical implants, primary in cardiological area (stents), coated with a biocompatible diamond-like carbon (DLC) layer. As the next step, the new generation of stents with drug-eluting coatings as well as bio-resorbable implants, were introduced.

Another major business area covers production and development of diverse (also custom-synthesized) nanomaterials. In 2005 the worldwide first general catalogue of nanomaterials was introduced by PlasmaChem on the R&D market. A special focus is given to the industrial appli-cations (e.g. galvanic additives in cooperation with Siemens AG, additives for motor oils etc.). You will find more information about PlasmaChem at: